Methods of Attack

The tactics and techniques described herein are dangerous and cruel.  Unfortunately, the only option appears to be to expose them in such a way that they may be understood by the public at large in the hope that enough people will begin to see their reality and injustice and hopefully pressure their representatives in government to enact proactive legislation limiting their use.

This corroborating MKULTRA document will seem familiar to many TIs

Signs and Between-the-Lines

'Signs' cover all kinds of clandestine, ambiguous or deniable semi-communications using everything from suggestive language (like homonyms, metaphors, euphemisms, etc.) to body language to object placements to visual imagery that leave the signer insulated from responsibility for the signing. A sign can be anything from flipping one's cell phone open suggestively to leaving a dead bird at a person's doorstep - ways of accusing, conveying threat, pressuring, enhancing paranoia and obliquely referring to possibly illegally obtained surveillance information about a person (and thereby show that person that he/she is a slave to surveillance and may always be), which tend to make the person look paranoid or delusional in reacting to or interpreting them or which others involved can pretend are products of paranoia or delusional and which the ignorant masses always assume to be.  They may take the form of so-called ‘mirrors’ within all kinds of broadcast media – the reflecting of embarrassing information in deniable ways that may be (and usually are) exaggerated or mixed with provocative fiction so as to lead a subset of public opinion, accelerated by that person’s taking ownership of or attempting to refute them.  Responding to them usually only appears to be self-accusation or spontaneous eruptions from a guilty conscience.  One single sign deriving from the surveillance of a person in a place having a reasonable expectation of privacy can permanently transform a life into a kind of prison of the mind in terms of the assumption of being watched.  George Orwell apparently had a name for them in his book 1984 - Duckspeak.

"It is one of those interesting words that have two contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it is abuse; applied to someone you agree with, it is praise."

Everyone knows how to do it to some degree (though the culture surrounding so-called mind control has raised it to an art form) and the media has long been involved in filling their works with it in support of MC, often embedding little details about specific targeted individuals (triggers) that only they (and involved so-called gamers/players) will tend to recognize.  Some people are expert at it and can rattle off spoken signs in realtime.  If you’ve been lead/trained to expect them, you’re more likely to interpret words as having suggestive meaning beyond their obvious connotations even when none are intended and that's part of the permanent effect that gamers are seeking to produce.  The delivery is often so clever that you can’t be sure that you’ve been signed at all.  A relative few people playing that game can make you suspicious of everyone – it is after all part of the paranoia game of so-called ‘mind control’.

Signs can take a variety of forms. Consider a harasser who is provided with surveillance information on a target. The target is in the process of being sleep deprived as part of his/her persecution. One clever sign that the attacker might deliver in support of that strategy could be an exaggerated yawn, while passing by that can't be proven as any kind of covert messaging at all.  Gamers are cheaters and cowards - they have absolutely no scruples about fairness.

Here’s a clever but fairly obvious one using the old monkey sign, long associated with targeted persons with its subhuman connotations. Of course, the bar code implies a monkey in a cage.  MC oriented signs are everywhere in the media these days and the media is regularly assisting in interrogating, destabilizing and suggesting things about targeted people either generally or specifically and weaving a kind of media universe of signs here, there and everywhere.  The technique has the disadvantage that the significance of many signs is missed by many people, which is also a great advantage in that some of the network’s past evils and harms that have been signed in earlier decades might cause the whole structure to come crashing down were those to be provable.  The network only wants themselves and targeted persons to become aware of their prevelance and the non-involved to only a passing degree, semi-aware of them here and there, but not much bothered by them.  The mode is much like that of the concentration camps of WW2.  Those were never officially announced by the state as existing at all and continued to be denied by many (even after the fact of their existence after the war was finally proven).  The fact of their existence just sort of filtered by word of mouth into the population, as their victims were simultaneously being actively demonized and primed by Germany's controlled media of the day.  In terms of the allowed or engineered plague epidemic of HIV mentioned elsewhere at this website, all YOU will ever heard/hear of it openly in the media are the ambiguous and eminently deniable examples like King's "Here's some Jewish chicken soup for the great unwashed.", said by the daughter of the father quickly dying of the plague in King's semi-fictional novel 'The Stand' and within the other insinuations in that novel.  What King was implying by the quote (or the writer of the screenplay) and the whole premise of the 'super flu' itself was of course HIV, which would begin to become public knowledge only a few years after the novel's publication and the release of other similar signage.  See the Dr. Stangelove (pun very much intended by Kubrick) video study on this website's home page for more on the subject.

“More bars in more places.” to borrow from Cingular’s recent ad campaign.  Cingular could have phrased their slogan in a different way, but they chose that one precisely for its additional connotations.  What the feds have learned to exploit is that much of the only casually or uninvolved public has little real interest in the welfare of the people trapped inside these perpetual concentration camps of the mind and body and find it easy to disbelieve and disregard them, as long as the subject doesn't confront them directly, that they find the occasional implied references to it entertaining instead, and that targets in one way or another are almost always implicitly demonized.  The media is quite ready to playfully and casually compete amongst themselves within that self-perpetuating arena and symbolic feeding frenzy and in implicitly building/maintaining the newspeak dictionary.  Today, it's almost mandatory to sign in order to find success in the media.  How many contradictory opinions do you ever hear or see expressed?  Almost none.  And that most people are generally mean, vindictive, unsympathetic and disinterested by nature (not to mention dumber and more malleable than they like to think they are), having problems of their own to deal with.  And that 'signing' is in some sense the ultimate conversation stopper and the ultimate barrier to clear acountable communications.  And that it is all rather fun for the players in the arena who need only deal with it indirectly and with soft metaphors, symbols and language.  The CIA/FBI found the most ingenius strategy for selling remote thought surveillance and complementary clandestine harassments.  Instead of ever being confronted with the cold, brutal and sometimes deadly reality face on in the news media and the courtroom, the public gets fed cute little foxes watching a train set in their jammies in 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' (implying the word 'train' as in 'to train the mind', which is itself somewhat inaccurate in describing what they actually do).  Even I am somewhat seduced by that cute and entertaining film, although I hate what appear to be its innacuracies in portraying what seem to be facades of real world people and the game itself.  Although they sometimes come closer in some horror and suspense films (usually engineered to their own advantage), neither those cooperating artists and harassers nor the public ever have to be confronted directly (or usually - at all) with what is actually being done to their targets and what a lifetime of mind slavery, social homicide and other tortures actually feel like.  And none of those involved actually admit a thing.  Ever.  Even the CIA/FBI are willing to lie in federal court through their FOIA offices and council, as I have found.  And at least some federal judges will just pat them on the back and buy the lie and rule accordingly, while tossing around the usual 'delusion' hypothesis by way of justification.  Given implicit or outright permission, fathers lie to their sons about it.  Friends lie to friends about it.  And the CIA/FBI lurk in the wings.  That's the future, just like Orwell knowingly prescribed.  Justice is quietly dying.  The game is much more fun (at least on the giving end).

An old professional couple named 'Bob and Delia' (whom some of you may know) are enduring a most horrible and debilitating series of attacks that will soon result in Delia's death or complete debilitation.  What does the Ad Council offer up to the public in response?  Some sweet sounding advertisement featuring a young lady named Delia quite excited about helping herself and her mother get back to school that probably makes everyone who believes they see some association between the two Delias (one suffering and dying and the other young, happy and prospering).  Worst of all, the Ad Council (and the signing community) probably have the right to sue me for attempting to relate to the public that aspect of the awful, hazy, insane truth.  Geico offers up a cute little pig having himself a great time crying 'Wee wee wee' all the way home to entertain and lull you to sleep.  They will always have fortunes to throw into their creations.  Their targets will always be secretively driven to poverty and kept devoid of resources and either forced into service and to love big brother or forced to continue to suffer.  They will always own the public mind.  And as Orwell knowingly suggested, these concentration camps will continue forever.

In another example, the Ad Council offers up an advertisement about a couple of kids volunteering to take advanced classes on foreign languages, algebra, etc. theatrically offered to them in the context of a 'cage of doom' challenge metaphor, kids who might soon find themselves trapped within an all too real but invisible 'cage of doom', perhaps for the rest of their lives, perhaps held there for the non-crime of masturbation or the pitiful excuse of smoking marijuana.  I wonder if the awful irony would be lost upon them then.  Yet, I know for a fact that the feds who ultimately orchestrate it will be quick to deny every bit of it as part of America's long experiment with tyranny, EVEN going so far as to lie in federal court to protect their secrets.  If you look, you will find such dangerous ironies built into the fabric of every single ONE of Ad Council's ongoing commercials - innocent and helpful messages on the surface, but lurking just below, stuffed with semi-diabolical ironies and insinuations and hint of the crueler and darker reality.

And Georgia State babbles on...  Oh well, at least they sound better than WREK.  "Georgia State Student Radio - Left on the dial.  Wrong on just about everything else..."

Ignorance is Strength

MC makes the fullest possible use of ignorance. The mainstream news media never discusses it or airs the complaints of Tis themselves, but regularly assists in signing, leaving the public to assume what it will from all the signs out there.  Targets to the best of my knowledge are never informed beforehand exactly why they’re under attack and are left to figure that out for themselves.  Some may not even realized that, for example, an induced headache were induced at all.  Many are surveilled continuously and never allowed to know who is watching, when the surveillance began, with whom information is being shared nor to check the accuracy of that information.  They are never told under what conditions or for how long they are to be left in their virtual torture chambers.  They are never told what laws allow their persecutions, if there are any clear laws providing for long-term where-you-go-it-goes surveillance and harassments. Harassers never to talk to targets beyond ‘signing’ them, an ideal situation to preserve inaccurate information, rumor and assumptions and keep the controllers of these persecutions in complete control, a code that its devotees are astonishingly consistent in adhering to.  You can just wake up one morning and find yourself in a kind of hell that may never end until you die.  MC isn’t justice as you learned about it in school and college.  It doesn’t appear to be justice at all.


The redefining of a target's perceptions so as to read material in TV, books and other language and imagery beyond what appears at face value or otherwise self-identify with them. It is much easier to deliver clandestine messagery and information to an entrained person than a non-entrained one.  Many artists have been tossing in suggestive idioms, metaphors, double-entendre, etc. associated with aspects of MC for years to enhance that process (often overtly harmless and innocent but with provocative implications) and entrainment can mean simply waking the target up to that body of material via other forms of clandestine suggestion (see below) and training. Over time, a good portion of the dictionary can be redefined in a target's mind as being metaphorical/symbolic such that everything around him/her appears to be a kind of grotesque parody of what it once was. You can entrain targets to self-identify with specific personalities (as Charles McCoy described in being entrained to identify with Michael Jackson) and around numerous established metaphors/symbols:

from the common Mountain, (elaborate) French (occupation) - to borrow from its use in the films ‘Big Fish’ and ‘War of the Worlds’, red/green/blue (A Scanner Darkly's blue flower), fat/obese, credit, stock value, etc.  The credit/stock value metaphors reflect a regime in which, in having your every thought, deed, word (and even thought) continuously available to pore through (within the context of being persecuted cruelly and unfairly in various other ways), your perecutors become a kind of loan shark from hell, forever finding fault (and often seeking to INDUCE fault and drive out anything of value and worth from your life) and forever seeking to justify these endless persecutions and their own existence, while forever sell, sell, selling themselves in amorphous ways to the public.

to snow, candy, farmer, butterfly, Chinese, stone, elevation/elevator, high, floating, stratospheric, artificial, etc.

to target, cat, bear, alien, (Manchurian) candidate, Christ/Chris/Messiah/Jesus (often employed in the context as 'Sun' or ‘son’), monkey, wolf, crab and lobster (shell symbols), pirate, monster, astronaut, dinosaur, king, emperor, president, soldier, mummy, zombie, puppet, etc.

to hot dog, fish (such as Lost's fish biscuits), bird (often referred to as specific species like hawk, eagle, chicken, etc.), bone, steel, toys, lizard, wrestling, head, pie, slide, hamburger, clam, pipe, sailing, cigar/smoking, pole, taco, wood, lunar, moon, seat, back, behind, Greek, fruit, ice cream, hole, roses, butterfly, sandwich, horns/anters, kneeling/on the knees (often embedded in the context of prayer or supplication) - a fellatio trigger, etc. many of which are quite common and too numerous to mention

to cold, ice, popsickle, haunted, heat/hot, soak, dunk, submerge, retirement, fishbowl/aquarium, rain, weather, buried, pressure, famous (a misnomer), static, (winning the) lottery (seen in conjunction with the Charles McCoy mirror on the island called Lost and deriving from Orwell’s inclusion of the lottery in ‘1984’ or older still), dead/deceased, clear (Just another nice-sounding and self-serving metaphor for what amounts to the ultimate surveillance tyranny - which may complement/derive from L. Ron Hubbard's 'dianetics' thing, which in turn (along with the group and pseudo-religion that professes to adhere to it) may have been a CIA construction from start to finish.  After all, there is what appears to be that stupid mountain metaphor on the cover of his stupid book and some similarities in its content and philosophy.)

to an endless number of spontaneous ones (like A Scanner Darkly's shape shifter suits) that are unique.  There are, of course, more provocative symbols out there, though it is left for you to find them.

MC’s devotees don't really want the metaphors precisely defined. For example, when they use the 'wolf' symbol. They want the reader/viewer to conjure their own image of a ravenous, predatory, bloodthirsty animal. Of something alien, dangerous, unknowable, deadly, not someone that you can identify with, someone that you can see a bit of yourself within, that you can understand, warts and all.  Recall the recent commercial of a line of people holding hands against a snarling wolf trying to break through? That's the sort of image they wish to conjure in your minds. They want you to think you understand what is going on around you, with few or no facts.

In some cases entrainment can be a kind of trained delusion (for example, thinking that every time a Jesus reference appears that it is a personal reference to the self).  After training, the Christ legend can seem just a kind of sick historical joke, implying crucifiction more than immaculate savior.  I’ve gotten a lot of media harassment myself and I used to think that every time I saw a Ted or Teddy or a Jack that I was probably seeing a self-specific sign, before I realized that those have been in use since before I was born, though some of them HAVE been self-specific in recent years.  When you are persecuted, it is remarkably easy to self-identify with the Jesus sign, accelerating the process of entrainment.  I usually look for more than just a dropped name these days before I make a conclusion.  Since no-one much cares about targets anyway, assuming them to be monsters, sickos and evil people (an impression much cultivated by the efforts of devotees in the creative media, unbalanced by legitimate news reporting), it's not a problem. Naturally, you can see that after training, a target's world can become a kind of horror world with interperative ghosts everywhere, which the media has done much to cultivate, or even be deluded (such as David Icke) into thinking themselves religious figures (with some help from their persecutors).  In fact, that is part of the outcome they are after.

Number symbolism is common, much as you will find on license plates mixed with letters – ways of conveying messages in a minimal space in a deniable way.  In fact, suggestive license plates are apparently being used sometimes as part of chasing targeted people around on the road.

1 – ‘one’ or ‘won’
2 – ‘to’, ‘two’ or ‘too’
3 – ‘good’ or ‘right’ (reminiscent of the holy trinity)
4 – ‘for’
5 – (not sure – ‘lie’?)
6 – ‘bad’ or ‘evil’
7 – ‘good’
8 – ‘ate’ (i.e. consumed, took, partook of)
9 – A negative deriving from the German word for ‘no’

You’ll see frequent use of 3, 33, 333, 37, 73 in films like ‘Close Encounters’ and ’12 Monkeys’.  You’ll find 39, 93, ‘7 flights up’ and lots of other variations upon 3 on the first couple of pages of Orwell’s novel 1984, which help to imply that the Winston character is ‘no good’ and that big brother is good (yep, Orwell was just another media MC artist and not the libertarian champion that he is widely believed to be).  Those are often strung together into short sentences like 286 from the film ‘Cast Away’ indicating 'to sink someone', ‘two were sunk’ or ‘two consumed/partook of evil’ set alongside a prominent nearby 77.

Chessboard/gaming symbolism is also fairly common as are the connotations of the individual pieces on the board, often woven into chessboard scenarios that model real world aspects of ‘the game’.  ‘Rook’ can have bird connotations, ‘queen’ often has homosexual connotations, ‘bishop’ often implies the overseer, slave-master, preaching or pursuit aspects of MC and so forth.

Click/Stimulus Messaging

Click/stimulus messaging is a means of clandestine semi-communications whereby one or more of several kinds of transient stimuli are used to clandestinely hijack linguistic material (spoken, heard, read or even thought) or other symbolic fodder within a target’s sensory environment or stream of thought so as to deliver a clandestine message that guarantees anonymity for the giver.  For example, inducing television images, house lighting or radio broadcasts to flicker or spike momentarily, acoustic bursts configured as click, thump or tap sounds that are difficult to prove as being anything more than random or house settling noises, the more so in that they are usually employed to mock or chastise.  Some forms are for all practical purposes impossible to prove as happening at all like electromagnetic-hearing impulses and/or 'bee sting' sensations upon the skin (see below) that even someone sitting right next to you would not have a ghost of a chance of even noticing.  All forms can leave the physical source of the stimuli unlocatable – the single common denominator of their use and development.  For example, a targeted individual (TI) might be presented with a click sound when the character in the western that the target is watching says, “I’m gonna shoot ya down.” or “Maybe you should kill yourself.”  Unlike a normal radio signal, which is continuous, the source of an instantaneous electromagnetic burst is much more difficult to try to home in on without specialized equipment.  Even capturing the signature on an indicator or recording device of some kind would prove little if anything.

All can be used to deliver a relentless barrage of suggestion that can be employed to entrain.  In my experience, the very act of click/stimulus messaging over time tends to entrain by repeatedly forcing the mind to perceive dual meaning and symbolism in words and symbols that are being hijacked.  It's difficult to say whether the emotional content of the media itself being hijacked or the relationship between the attacker and the target has more to do with the impact on the target. On one hand, stimulating a helpless target when, for example, the Gollum character from Lord of the Rings is leering out of the screen saying the words 'you don't have any friends' tends to be more emotionally powerful than words in some dry documentary, although those can be excruciating too. On the other hand, if a target is feeling oppressed and powerless, then clicking on a smile from some cartoon character can hurt too, much like a cruel smile from a sibling after a parental chastisement can hurt.

Stimulus messaging can be configured so as to be clearly discernible, particularly when the attacker wants to be quite certain that a given message gets through. It can be configured so as to be so soft that a target cannot be sure that he/she has been stimulated at all so as to enhance paranoia or confusion or to build self-perpetuating psychological mechanisms that will continue in the absence of further artificial stimuli (i.e. "Did I just hear something? Did I just hear something?"). It can be configured so as to emulate ambient environmental noises like nearby car doors slamming or house settling noises that will accomplish much the same goal. Not only negative effects can be induced, but with clever, persistent application of suggestion, it is possible to roll a target into delusions of grandeur or self-importance just as it is possible to roll a target into a state of despair. With click/stimulus messaging, an attacker can effectively leer, smile, smirk or laugh at a target, can disinform, dissuade, redirect, encourage, interrogate, punish, insult, etc. Depending greatly on the target's constitution, it might actually be possible to eventually bend the target's mind into a state of outright and not easily recoverable psychosis. 

Although the presence of audible linguistic media in a target's sensory environment provides plenty of rich fodder for stimulus messaging, an attack that involves no such material at all is possible too. For example, ‘clicking’ when a target's surveillable field of view lands upon objects that can be interpreted as somehow symbolic or self-specific or when a target is simply reading.  Because the technology for surveilling thought itself is in the arsenal, clicking upon moments from the target’s internal dialog is another method.  Although there is less linguistic/symbolic fodder available when no external material is nearby (unless one’s internal dialog tends to chatter), that configuration is in some ways more disturbing.  Even if the target attempts to drown out audible language or isolate him/herself in a featureless room devoid of any linguistic/symbolic fodder at all, there is still no way to avoid an attack that employs 'bee stings' (see below) in conjunction with a surveillance of the internal dialog, except perhaps via the meditative technique of silencing the internal dialog altogether. But that would be a pretty boring and unhealthy way to live, so it's usually best to learn to cope with an attack than try to avoid it.  But doing so might afford a little temporary relief.  Even then, electromagnetic voice-to-skull can still be used to get the message across.  One way or another, they can make it unavoidable.

Imagine the joy of hearing a soft thump from source unknown at the moment that, for example, the black cloaked wraiths lift their swords while preparing to put to death the hobbits in the film, “The Lord of the Rings”. Effectively, it would be a death threat that carries not just the force of words and the ignorance of not knowing who is conveying it, but the force of all the magic (in this case black magic) that the small army involved in the making of a film can bring to bear - music, cinematography and all.

A concerted click/stimulus messaging attack can be very similar to this excerpt from the CIA's "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" manual, its 1963 guidebook on Interrogation.

The aim of the technique "is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee"; it is "designed not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird." For the subject barraged with "double-talk questions" and "illogical" statements, all sensible points of reference begin to blur: "[A]s the process continues, day after day if necessary, the subject begins to try to make sense of the situation, which becomes mentally intolerable. Now he is likely to make significant admissions, or even to pour out his whole story, just to stop the flow of babble which assails him."

Basically, many of the techniques of a conventional interrogation can be brought to bear, except that the interrogation can proceed for years and, due to the sheer anonymity and lack of proofs, are only more ripe for misuse.  There is no blood, broken bones and black eyes, which make such attacks easier for the public to disregard.  If there are burn marks or other observables as some targets report, how could you prove what caused them?

Cough Messaging and Body Language

Say that you and I are co-workers and you want to provide a pretext for expulsion.  Since laws and workplace rules generally forbid harassment and creating a hostile environment for co-workers, you have to be clever in your attack. So how do you go about accomplishing your goal?

You begin your offensive by passing by my office door and coughing as you pass. I will think nothing of it. Do it again and I'll think that maybe you have a cold this week or that pure chance has dealt one of those somewhat unlikely but entirely random occurrences. Do it a third and fourth time and you'll have captured my attention. I'll realize that something is up between us. Do it a fifth and sixth time and I'll start to get angry. If I confront you over the matter, you can just smile with a touch of practiced surprise on your face as you say, 'Goodness, are you feeling OK? You seem a little disturbed. Maybe you should rest or see a doctor', which will only make me angrier, since the possibility in random occurrence has long passed and because I'll know that you have the initiative and are working me in a way that can't be easily stopped or proven.

After capturing my attention, you can even change tactics, perhaps sucking air through your teeth or clinking a pen against a key in your pocket to irritate me and you'll be just as effective, since capturing my attention and provoking me was really your goal in the first place and by now we both know it. My id will do most of the work for you, since I, like all human beings, am instinctively programmed to react and to answer a perceived aggression. If I keep confronting you, then you can take the matter of my 'strange behavior' and 'instability' to the boss or the personnel department. If I try to tell others about it, my protests will seem like nonsense or the product of paranoia and will probably only get me deeper into the mess that you have initiated. If I'm goaded to violence or threats of violence, then you have already won and my future in our workplace will be brief and my being forced into psychiatry or prison will be easy. About the only way to prove the fact of your attack will be for me to continuously record on video the entrance to my doorway and collect enough of those moments as you pass by to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what you have been up to.

However, after having gained my attention, if you change tactics, then I will have the added burden of showing how sucking air through your teeth or clicking pen to key is a part of your effort. Alternatively, you can begin to 'trigger' me at other locations to make the collection of video evidence far more difficult. Perhaps you will choose to start coughing (or whatever) as I pass by YOUR office door or while passing me in the hall. One thing that I must not do is to respond in kind to your attack, since, because you have already shown a determination to force my departure or entry into psychiatry or punish me in one way or another, you may be seeking to record any such counter responses and ultimately turn the tables to make ME look like the aggressor, particularly in that such harassments are usually group efforts in which my complaints and evidence are going to be disregarded anyway.  A truly portable cam (like a pen camera) and recorder is about my best bet to prove what you are up to, capable of capturing the immediate environment throughout a typical day. Psychologically, my best bet is to use the situation to learn to overcome the natural tendency to react and to learn how to live life more strategically than I did before.

Intended (rather than spontaneous) coughing and laughter in coincidence with chosen moments in public venues in which crowds gather (movies, concerts, etc.) is common.  It can be used to enhance the paranoia and discomfort of specific targets at moments chosen to be specific to targets by harassers who have embarrassing information on their targets.  It can be used in a more general way by conservatives to preach by choosing moments agreeable (or disagreeable) to their personal attitudes and opinions.  Even non-targets can mistakenly believe that they’re being coughed at.  The cooperative innuendo of filmmakers, musicians, etc. often complements such tactics.

'Bee Stings'
(Signed in the film Blade Runner - "An itch you can never scratch", in the film A Scanner Darkly (the man covered in insects), and in Steven Colbert's Tek Jansen cartoon series - "Will Tek Jansen avoid the angry bees?")

Bee stings are a technology for inducing the sensation of pin-prick, crawling insect and other sensations felt upon the skin.  They can be inflicted in such a way as to cause pain as punishment/deterrent, to induce an irritating itching sensation or to induce mild, non-painful sensations as a method of extraordinarily clandestine signaling/messaging.  When employed as a semi-communications vehicle, a number of schemes can be applied.  It can be used as one more form of simple click/stimulus messaging.  It can be more sophisticated such as stinging the right knee to convey 'yes' and the left knee to convey 'no'.  With some training, the method can be still more sophisticated, employing the parts of the body as a kind of phoneme dictionary (i.e. sting the thigh, followed by the ring finger to convey the word 'thing') or as a kind of symbolic dictionary (i.e. sting the heel of the foot to call a target a 'heel').

Obviously, this represents a form of clandestine communications that is extremely well hidden and might also be in use by American intel as one of their own clandestine inter-communications methods in the field.  It can also be employed so as to cue members of the public participating in an attack to, for example, cough at a target entering a restaurant or work targets in other ways like marking a target’s own thoughts (see below) that can make a target feel as if he or she is going crazy.

How stings are delivered remains unclear and is, like the technology of remote thought surveillance, a jealously guarded secret.  However, they can be delivered with precision even while a target is moving at highway speeds in a car - even someone else's car, which implies both that no nearby transponder is necessary (except perhaps for a conjectured implant that a target always carries with him/her) and that the central nervous system is being manipulated rather than the parts of the body directly.
Personally, I don’t believe that implants are involved at all.  I think that the techniques make use of phased array antennas suitable for focusing energy into (or measuring energy within) localized regions in space over long distances and that can be rapidly scanned, modulated, steered, multiplexed, etc.  I believe it relies on focusing upon and tracking the area in and around the skull to detect the tiny individual action potentials of the nerves in terms of surveillance.  In terms of influence, I believe that it relies on transmitting back to the skull composites of those previously surveilled temporal patterns of action potentials specific to a given brain and to specific memories, thoughts and physical sensations much like John Norseen of Lockheed Martin is supposedly concentrating on as part of his research.
If in use, implants would offer some advantages like transforming neural data to or from ambiguous codes, boosting signal strength and being more readily locatable by a remote antenna than the tiny action potentials of the brain alone.  They would offer some disadvantages in leaving a possible forensic trail of proof, though if tiny enough, would be difficult or impossible to locate during MRI scans or, if embedded within the brain, impossible to remove once implanted.  Of course, the temporal patterns of action potentials within a given brain are already effectively encoded by the unique neural network path lengths of a given brain and would appear as just a jumble of noise on an oscilloscope anyway, requiring sophisticated pattern matching algorithms and hardware to make any sense of them and their association with behaviors, sensory stimuli, read, spoken, heard or contemplated words, recalled memories, etc. that those relate to.
My complete bee sting symbol dictionary from personal experience currently is as follows for the right side of my body.  It may not be exactly equivalent to my persecutors' intended dictionary, but that is due primarily to confusion and ambiguity inherent in the method itself.  Equivalents on the left side of the body are established as representing negatives.  My toes have been established as basically an 'also' equivalent of the fingers (for example - whereas the right middle finger means 'f___ you', the right middle toe means 'f___ you too' usually transmitted to me in response to my cursing or showing anger towards my persecutors or thinking or speaking critically of others.  The negatives are more confusing than the positives.  For example, bee stinging my left thumb has been established as a negative of the word ‘dumb’.  I’m continuously frustrated and confounded in deciding how to interpret it.  Am I being told that what I just thought, said, did or heard was not dumb?  Or am I being told not to be dumb?  The latency in my persecutors’ responses is also frustrating and confusing.  They’re quick and spontaneous only when they want to be.  After all, why should they wish to spend their day devoting their entire attention just to me?  I wouldn’t either.  But their refusal to ever take a few moments to simply answer a few simple questions and provide immediate responses and only transmit their semi-communications at their leisure has been to me particularly frustrating and disappointing (as if bee stings were capable of conveying clear communications anyway) and even when I provide them cover by phrasing my queries as yes/no questions within my unspoken thought, expecting bee stings in response.  They could be kind enough to do so.  Usually they won’t.  Frustration, confusion and the hopelessness in being kept perpetually ignorant are obviously one of the main sources of pain for all targeted individual’s, part of the price of our persecutors’ cover.  But such needless cruelty seems to me one of those things about MC most in need of reform, though I doubt that will ever happen, pain being probably the single common denominator of MC in the first place, and confusion and ignorance are helpful tools that help to inhibit organization and resistance and preserve our persecutors’ deniability, which has lasted for over half a century.
(YHST = You, he, she or they.  Notice the use of body parts that have a near phonetic match to the words that they wish those body parts to symbolize.  That is apparently a natural choice, making the training of the dictionary easier to train in and remember (unfortunately).  A given symbol is trained in like this – the phrase ‘take it on the chin’ pops up on the radio or TV.  They transmit a sting to the chin at that moment.  Repeat a time or two for confirmation and voila, it’s trained in.  Only if I were asleep could I avoid that involuntary and unwanted training.  Thereafter, they can use that symbol in response to my unspoken thoughts or other contexts much like in any language.
Chin - 'Take it on the chin' or 'Expect a punitive response' or 'punch in the mouth'
Top of the foot - 'Fool'
The underside of the arch of the foot (i.e. arch) - 'YHST is/are'
Middle finger - 'F___ you'
Middle right toe - 'F___ you too'
Knuckle - 'Punch you' (figurative) plus whatever connotation the chosen finger implies
Big toe - 'YHST too/also'
Back of the foot [heel] - 'YHST is/are a heel.'
Shin – ‘Sin’
Calf - 'YHST can or we can'
Right knee - 'Yes'
Thigh - 'Lie'
Elbow – A__hole or 'You're an ___hole'
Ankle – ‘Angry’
Bottom of the foot just behind the toes - 'Soul'
Right index finger - 'Shoot you down' (figurative)
Pinky - 'Penis'
Ring finger - 'That person, place or thing is or has been in one way/sense or another wedded/coupled to or associated with you or is a criminal or evil or you are associated with that or we have associated you with that (in some way that you may eventually discover)'
Thumb - 'Dumb'
Lip - 'Kiss' or ‘whisper’ usually implying that something is being said about me
Wrist - 'Masturbation' or 'YHST is/are a jerk'
Top of the Shoulder - 'YHST should'
Chest - 'That is or would be best'
Buttock - Ass or 'You're an ass'
Base of spine - 'YHST is/are a spy (i.e. anyone who disagrees with or is resisting us or is our enemy or is a criminal)'
Ear lobe - 'Listen' or 'Pay attention' or YHST is/are low (i.e. bad/small)
Forearm - 'Shoot you down' or 'punish' (figurative)

During a recent airing of 60 Minutes (2009), a guest who had recently had (as I recall) a controversial encounter with police over marijuana about which he was being interviewed, was being asked by Katie Kurick (sp?) a question relating to the encounter.  Immediately after the question and while he was in the process of answering, the man rubbed his finger across his nose to relieve an itch.  What evidently happened was this (and this has been done to me many, many times now in various ways and, er, places).  He was given a bee sting (configured so as to produce an itch) in an effort to force him to appear to make the Pinnochio sign (defined cleverly and intentionally within the film Close Encounters and elsewhere) so that he would appear to be calling himself a liar (presumably in a way that could be spun as being spontaneous and rooted in the psychology of a guilty mind).  The tactic seems subtle to the point of absurdity, unless you are already steeped in the method of signing, in which case the tactic becomes rather straightforward.  This is just one of the many ways that the criminal federal culpripts behind the bee stings actually manufacture evidence of a sort.  My explaining it to you unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) only makes the tactic that much more evident, which is why I remain semi-reluctant to mention it at all, since the criminal feds can and will forever deny mischief, regardless of what you believe.  They may well even accelerate their use of such criminal tactics in live and televised settings after I post this description.

In my experience, even as the highly visible signage on television and film is occasionally attempting to give the appearance to the public of being kind and judicious, whomever is working the bee stings is busy being utterly vile and contradicting all of those apparent expressions with plenty of "NO's" and "Angry's".   The result, as far as I can tell, is that the public is regularly being mislead as to the nature of the whole business.

Physiological Tactics

Vision can not only be effectively surveilled as one component of conscious thought (presumably by surveillance of the visual cortex or some portion of the brain that encompasses both processed visual stimuli AND recalled visual memories), but it can be interfered with too.  Not having any background (or much interest) in neurology, that’s about the best I can offer. Causing blurry vision, diplopia or eyes that hurt (or headache pain that appears to be centered just behind one or both eyes) are all fairly common tactics reported by targeted people that are all too easily (and falsely) construed as being symptoms of brain diseases and other maladies – those seem more likely in the minds of most people than the fact that the vision centers of the brain can somehow be surveilled remotely.  That ability has been cleverly 'signed' in a number of places - the lion (the word suggesting 'lie' or 'lying') that confronts Jesus and calls him a liar with aspirations of grandeur in Scorsese's 'Last Temptation of Christ' (look closely), Weird Al Yankovich's randy animated cat with dual-colored eyes (recall that cat symbolism is common in creative media MC), the tumor in 'Mothman Prophecies', Tim Burton's leaky little Napoleon in 'Corpse Bride', the surly one-eyed commander in Battlestar Galactica that gets his eyeball crushed underfoot while in a prison camp, etc.  In fact, though it may seem unlikely, the old wives tale that masturbation causes blindness may well have been an MC oriented association, particularly in view of the fact that sex is frequently an element in MC attacks.  I don't know about Darryl Hannah's one-eyed (and ultimately no-eyed) assassin, although I do know that Quentin Tarentino is involved in creative media MC (for example, the bleeping out of Beatrix Kiddo’s name in ‘Kill Bill’ and his placing her momentarily in a classroom in those two extremely sensationalist but entertaining films).  Vision debilitation is just one more form of punishment.  Fortunately, whatever I was subjected to was not permanent.

Along the same lines, considering the sophistication of the means of influence upon the central nervous system, it is surely capable of skewing (or outright faking) the results of lie-detector and other physiological testing, such that even if a targeted person wished to prove the honesty of his/her testimonial, such a test might well say only what a target's persecutors wished it to indicate (i.e. cause a slight increase in heart rate and perspiration here and there).  Certainly, inducing a simulated stress reaction or transmitting an emotionally oriented psychological trigger is doable, even if suppressing one may not be.  So, such a test would probably best be conducted a good hundred feet or more underground.  If some variation upon UWB (ultrawide band) signals are employed (which are ground penetrating and difficult to detect anyway – distributing energy across a huge frequency spectrum and employing extremely brief pulses) and/or implants are used as an intermediary, then even 100 feet might not be enough, as some Tis appear to have confirmed after entering caves to see if escape from the harassment is possible.

With such a remote and clandestine mastery of the functions of the brain, many or most of the separate effects that targeted individuals report, from induced tinnitus to hearing voices to induced directed dreaming to migraine like pain (that can be extreme) to bee stings to itching sensations to vision problems to so-called holograms to thought surveillance to numerous other phenomena ALL may be just myriad variations upon that single comprehensive technology.  In many ways, surveillance and manipulation of the brain and central nervous system is the ultimate technology.  Is it any wonder that US intel would seek to keep the fact of it so secret, employ it in clandestine ways and weave it into bogus aliens, ghost, religious and other phenomena?  I just don’t understand how they appear to have gained the RIGHT to do so at all to so many peaceful American citizens, regardless of their transgressions, aberrations, deviations from the norm (or lack thereof).  The media junk leads us all to believe that MC is always for use against corrupt, evil sickos.  But is it?

Once, while watching an episode of 'Family Guy' in which an animated Santa (a frequent MC symbol) lights up a cigarette (an MC clue in and of itself - i.e. bad Santa) and says, "Yes, we can do things like that." in the context of an unrelated conversation, I found to my surprise that I had also lit a cigarette at exactly the same moment - I mean the exact instant.  Not proof of anything, of course, but more than a little eerie.  On another occasion, when my best friend and his wife and two kids were on one of their approximately two brief visits to my home per year (at all other times my house is empty of all but me), in the middle of the night, I was walking to the bathroom and they did the 'causality' thing to me (see below).  I was not in particularly great need of arriving at my destination on time, if you take my meaning.  Nothing like that had ever occurred to me before.  Nothing.  The conjunction with that event and their rare visit was not just eerie, it was compellingly so.  I can't wait to see the network take this description out of context and spin it onto the screen in some grotesque context, as it so enjoys doing.  And of course, signs here and there in the media (The Game, The Matrix Reloaded, The Stand, etc.) that clearly corroborate.

Causality.mpg (4.4 meg)

On another occasion, a vivid mental 'Jesus visitation' while considering the Jesus legend and its use in the MC enterprise, which I don't for an instant take to be some authentic religious experience. 


There are quite a variety of different tools in the current arsenal from the various ways of interfering with the operation of electronic equipment to public mobbing tactics to neurological manipulation. A deliberate effort has apparently been made to make each target's experience unique both to explore and evaluate the most effective methods, to better exploit the individual weaknesses of specific individuals, and to make the determination of consistencies between their experiences that might ultimately amount to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence of the reality of MC more difficult (i.e. a target being hit with migraine like pain does not appear to have anything in common with one that is being bombarded with computer virus attacks or one that is being harassed in public places or one that is being hit primarily with 'bee stings' or one that is being mirrored in the media or one that reports hearing ghostly noises in the attic). 

Targets can see some strange scenarios that sometimes seem to defy reality or to be acts of God.  Like reading a passage in a newspaper or even thinking a given thought and almost simultaneously hearing a car horn sound or someone in a crowd cough.  No wonder some targets get the impression that everyone around them is an alien, surrounded by robots or beings from the future or other weird delusions!  That particular scenario can be implemented with a thought surveillance of the target, that is transmitted to a 'manager' (human or artificial) who/which then cues a member of the network to cough with, for example, a mild signaling bee sting to the throat or which directly controls the honking of a car horn.  No wonder so many CIA recruits are disappointed to find that their jobs frequently have less to do with cloak and dagger spy work and more to do with computer programming, perhaps to set up and manage some of these weird scenarios.  If you've been worked like me, you may even occasionally find someone singing at you between the lines in the newspaper, magazines, television or movies, so great are the number of involved people in the news and creative media these days (most of whom may know nothing at all about the reality of the esoteric technologies also in the psy-ops arsenal).  But so sophisticated have even public domain voice recognition, natural language translation and other technologies become that the entirely automated implementation of many scenarios is also within the realm of possibility.  Consider the hell of being driven to nervous breakdown via thought surveillance and bee stings alone by an unattended machine that for all you know is a human being or human beings on the other end of the line.

A target can be placed in other more deadly scenarios too.  Like being 'gifted' with an artificially induced sexual response (erection) at an inappropriate moment via technology of remote neurological influence by one party who is hidden from another who surveills only the sexual response, thus misleading the second as to the target's nature and predispositions.  Or alternatively, the anonymous giver of the artificial ‘gift’ treating the target as though the reaction were spontaneous and non-induced as part of hard-ball mind gaming including attempting to convince the target of predispositions that he/she does not have, which is diabolical.  When your central nervous system can be manipulated directly and surreptitiously, it is not necessarily even possible to tell if a behavior or physiological reaction were spontaneous or externally induced or steered (short of simply knowing yourself well), although I don’t believe that it is possible to fully roboticize people over any but brief periods of time.  Hope not.

Although I have no shred of doubt that one or both of those means have been applied against me personally, I do NOT accuse my persecutors of having robotically controlled any of my conscious actions, or voluntary or involuntary behaviors beyond trivial, momentary ways useful for mind gaming, pressuring and paranoia enhancement, and I assume that using such means to obtain outright false and fabricated evidence of guilt or predispositions is not part of their code of conduct (if they have one).  I hope it isn’t that diabolical anyway.  Trickery, pressure, interrogation, depression enhancement, leveraging ignorance and paranoia and destabilization tactics appear to be more in line with that code.  However, some targeted persons are complaining of precisely such clearly diabolical tactics, but I have no way of measuring their honesty or sanity.  In any case, I assume sole responsibility for ALL of my conscious behaviors, predispositions and beliefs, though I know those have been influenced by all the years of pressure, cruelty, gaming, prattle, endless suggestion and being beset by an antagonistic and hostile surveillance presence for so long.  I’m trying to be as objective and unemotional in describing this as possible.

- In another scenario, extraordinarily ugly and/or terrifying dream imagery can be induced artificially as a means of punishment, psychological destabilization or aversive reinforcement.  Reward, positive reinforcement and the creation of (perhaps false and insincere) bonds and beliefs, can be induced with beautiful/attractive dream imagery too.  The two extremes may be applied in combination in carrot and stick scenarios.

- In another, one or more provocateurs can attempt to drive you to angry, frustrated outbursts, whose efforts are hidden from other observers who are attempting to judge your psychological stability, innocence and such.  For example, calling you a jerk via bee sting when a line like "You murdered those people." pops up in the boring crime drama that you’re not paying attention to but others are.  Or simply causing an irresistable itch that induces you to scratch.  If you react to the bee sting, then you can look to the others as though you spontaneously reacted to that moment (or alternatively to make you THINK that they are up to such antics in order to induce stress in making you wonder how you’re being perceived by observers that you have to assume are there).  Clever, but not extraordinarily so.  My persecutors have employed that tactic frequently.  So, inducing false outbursts, though diabolical, IS a part of their code, whether or not they attempt to use that as false evidence of predispositions or guilt.  A technique like that could be used to keep suspicion cast upon me and help insure a long stay within their clutches.

- In another, one's persecutors can discourage normal or healthy behaviors or those that would be helpful to the target with repeated suggestions like 'dumb', 'boring', 'shoot you down', 'stupid', 'angry' and encourage abnormal behaviors (or behaviors that can be more easily spun as abnormal) with repeated encouraging suggestions like ‘funny’, ‘like that’, ‘good’, etc. - and then after reaping the benefits of their efforts, immediately turn around and chastise those behaviors, all of which can help twist one’s mind up in frustration and anger in being used in such a way with their own provocative efforts hidden and unprovable all the while with nothing you can really do about it.

In my experience, they repeatedly demand the termination of behaviors as common and normal as masturbation (blush), while threatening to block any attempt to find a meaningful romantic relationship, offering no believable guarantee that they will ever shut up or finally leave in return for obeying and offering nothing in return for the years of injury they have already done, offering only a future of slavery or suicide as a concretely trustable escape from the pain.  I can't see it all as much of anything but a recipee for building manchurian candidates (for want of a better term).  The hypocrisy of people who consider themselves to be defenders of law and morality and who hide from the consequences of their every word and deed never ceases to astound me.

The following (not terribly well acted) portrayal of one CIA assassin indoctrinating and seducing a 'recruit' from the Korean/American film 1st Testament CIA Vengeance is fairly telling.  In the real world, the mechanics of that scenario would probably go something like this:

The trainer knows beforehand that both he and the recruit are under thought surveillance by a remote human (or perhaps even artificial) operator at some remote facility (or possibly the trainer has a direct link via some intervening computational node to the 'recruit').  The recruit is gifted with an electromagnetically induced migraine probably at the trainer's cue by his simply thinking the words, "Cue the headache, please."  The trainer couches the deception in some babble about a bogus religion (the word probably being standard creative media code for social trends that they’re trying to inhibit and punish like the inclusion of the word ‘file’, which is usually creative media code for pedophile).  At the trainer's cue of, "What do you see?", the operator injects a subtle image of a red ball (the color red being symbolically meaningful) either at the trainer's specific unspoken request or cued as a step in a prearranged plan.  The trainer could set up the entire scenario a few moments before simply by thinking it out and waiting for a mild 'bee sting' or other form of clandestine confirmation from the operator.  After a bit of verbal hand waving by the trainer, the operator modifies the image to a symbol of clarity (both red and clear being common MC metaphors) and reduces the migraine pain, perhaps adding a mild feeling of euphoria as a positive reinforcement.  The recruit is impressed, mislead and her dependency and false trust in the trainer grows.  If you know how to ‘read’, a moment later (not pictured) the trainer seduces the recruit into another kind of trap entirely.

These days, you may never meet that recruiter in person at all, particularly if you weren't 'recruited' through the front door (i.e. are immaculate), and/or you are considered a security risk.  You simply wake up one day with a surveillance presence that follows you wherever you go and 'bee stings', voice-to-skull, 'click messages', pain, etc. as the primary incoming communications and punishment vehicle(s) - no trace evidence whatsoever that you have, in fact, been enslaved to surveillance, perhaps for the rest of your life.  Oh, you can move about, but don't expect to be truly happy or to feel secure ever again, once they latch onto you.

Any fool can see that MC is dangerous for a variety of reasons and its practitioners don't seem to be held to any particular code of conduct except perhaps insuring that MC itself looks good and necessary and that they themselves are protected from responsibility.  It is in a very real sense esoteric warfare.  Only the integrity of the persecutor(s), who have little to lose as far as I can tell in being so well insulated, would appear to be a limiting factor in how far they can go.  Is there any wonder why I would fight so hard to expose it and its devotees fight so hard to keep it cloaked in mystery and well (and vaguely) regarded by the public?  Some in the media have even been working pretty energetically lately to cast it as a kind of hospital.  For example, Steven King's 'Kingdom Hospital' is MC oriented (to an obvious degree that is almost cartoonish) and the self-serving name conveys an impression.  It may be to some degree, depending on the individual case.  Certainly media MC regularly implies as much.  Media MC examples of the horror genre appear a bit closer to the mark than most other genres in my opinion (except dark comedy or perhaps the form of the reptilians from the TV series 'V', reptilians who ironically also call themselves angels)!  None of it should be taken lightly as though an American citizen were just a rat in a cage with no rights at all and much or most of it is astonishingly cruel and dehumanizing.

The Soft Kill

From 'Scanner Darkly', we have an intended mirror at-home continuous mockery and ridicule.  The many eyes, of course, symbolize surveillance awareness.

"Bud knew a guy like that who'd somehow gotten infected with a meme that ran advertisements for roach motels, in Hindi, superimposed on the bottom right-hand corner of his visual field, twenty-four hours a day, until the guy whacked himself." - Neal Stephenson 'The Diamond Age"

There are now a number of ways of putting people into positions in which death is a better practical alternative to life.  Simply configure the 'bee stinger' tech such that the target feels as though his/her skin is crawling with insects 24/7 as is deliberately mirrored in the film 'A Scanner Darkly' (though that film's makers will claim that the pictured moment merely symbolizes effects of use of the drug in that film called D for death, in spite of the fact that D is cleary a dual metaphor encompassing the some aspects of MC).  Or use voice-to-skull to fill a target's mind with babble 24/7.  Or deprive him/her indefinitely of sleep.  Or use the thought surveillance tech in conjunction with one of the several means of semi-communications to kick down and mock every hopeful thought that occurs within the targets's stream of thought 24/7 (yes, it can be done).  Apply excruciating pain 24/7.  The key is relentlessness.  Spread disease about the target (suggestions of pedaphelia are ideal) behind his/her back with instructions to never talk about it directly with the target and only insinuate what you have been lead to believe.  The target will most likely be dead in as little as a few weeks.  And not one of them leaves a trail of evidence back to the source.  That is the spirit and guiding philosophy of MC.  Although I'm sure it's not part of the code to deliberately induce death, undoubtedly it happens frequently.  After all, everyone who is under attack faces the choice of escape from a painful and inescapable situation every day.

Also from Neal Stephenson in his novel "Snow Crash":

"A naked PR plant, a half-hour television commercial with no purpose whatsoever other than to let L. Bob Rife tell his side of a particular issue.  It seems that a number of Rife's programmers, the people who made his systems run, got together and formed a union - unheard of, for hackers - and filed a suit against Rife, claiming that he had placed audio and video bugs in their homes, in fact placed all of them under twenty-four-hour surveillance, and harassed and threatened some programmers who were making what he called "unacceptable lifestyle choices".  For example, when one of his programmers and her husband engaged in oral sex in their own bedroom one night, the next morning she was called into Rife's office, where he called her a slut and a sodomite and told her to clean out her desk.  The bad publicity from this so annoyed Rife that he felt the need to blow a few million on some more PR.

"I deal in information," he says to the smarmy, toadying pseudojournalist [people like me apparently, though I don't FEEL particularly smarmy] who "interviews" him.  He's sitting in his office in Houston, looking slicker than normal.  "All television going out to consumers throughout the world goes through me.  Most of the information transmitted to and from the CIC [Central Intelligence Corporation] database passes through my networks.  The Metaverse - the entire Street - exists by virtue of a network that I own and control."

"But that means, if you'll just follow my reasoning for a bit, that when I have a programmer working under me who is working with that information, he is wielding enormous power.  Information is going into his brain.  And it's staying there.  It travels with him when he goes home at night.  It gets all tangled up into his dreams, for Christ's sake.  He talks to his wife about it.  And goddamn it, he doesn't have any right to that information.  If I was running a car factory, I wouldn't let workers drive the cars home or borrow tools.  But that's what I do at five o'clock each day, all over the world, when my hackers go home from work.

"When they used to hang rustlers in the old days, the last thing they would do is piss their pants [yes, as Stephenson deniably confirms, that capability IS in the neuro-tech arsenal].  That was the ultimate sign, you see, that they had lost control over their own bodies, that they were about to die.  See, it's the first function of any organization to control its own sphincters.  We're not even doing that.  See, we're working on refining our management techniques so that we can control that information no matter where it is - on our hard disks or even inside the programmer's heads.  Now, I can's say more because I got competition to worry about.  But it is my fervent hope that in five or ten years, this kind of thing won't even be an issue."

Yes, Stephenson is undoubtedly just another 'signer'.  What I would like to ask is, "Who is this toady (but brilliant) pseudonovelist to scare people away from behaviors as harmless, personal, legal and absolutely none of his network's business as fellatio by associating them (oh so craftily and deniably) with the horrors of mind control?"  Whether that behavior alone is enough to bring on an attack (or just a bit of a headache at an opportune moment) is anyone's goess.  Corporation indeed (as his own fat royalty checks roll in).  Sure, elsewhere he alludes to more grotesque behaviors in relation to other fictional characters.  But so what?  The question is not whether he has the right.  There is nothing to stop him and his army of 'vague-ans'.  But is it right or fair?  Also from the novel:

Gargoyles represent the embarrassing side of the Central Intelligence Corporation.  Instead of using laptops, they wear their computers on their bodies, broken up into separate modules that hang on the waist, on the back, on the headset.  They serve as human surveillance devices, recording everything that happens around them.  Nothing looks stupider; these getups are the modern-day equivalent of the slide-rule scabbard or the calculator pouch on the belt, marking the user as belonging to a class that is at once above and far below human society.

So, how would you like to be a 'gargoyle', kept ignorant while you are being ripped apart in a variety of ways and rendered legally and socially helpless?  No problem.  Hate paves the way.  Hate clears the road.

He's watching a well-known television program called Eye Spy.  It is produced by CIC and syndicated through one of the major studios.  It is reality television: CIC picks out one of their agents who is involved in a wet operation - doing some actual cloak-and-dagger work - and has him put on a gargoyle rig so that everything he sees and hears is transmitted back to the home base in Langley.  This material is then edited into a weekly hour-long program.

Transpose CIC agent with target of CIC agents and you just about have the insinuation intended by the author.  Unfortunately, the 'editing' is useful for embellishing surveillance facts and leaving out other important facts as part of parodies and heresay that can be as provocative as they wish and can if necessary multiply the hate to keep the system nice and stable at the gargoyle's expense, as it has succeeded in doing for over sixty years.  It's a bit like the recent The New Yorker magazine cover, which may itself represent a cheap and very much intended attempt to discredit the Obamas posing as satire.  Yes, Mr. Obama was once pictured in Muslim garb and he and his wife have been pictured giving the unique hand greeting.  No, Mrs. Obama does not have a large afro and does not wear a machine gun, camouflage or army boots.  No, Mr. Obama does not wear Muslim garb as a fashion statement.  Nor do either burn the American flag or keep a picture of bin Laden on their wall.  And the editors chuckle to themselves over their cleverness.  The major difference is that in the case of the gargoyle, it's more difficult to prove who is being shot, though nearly as apparent.


The O'Brien character's claim in Orwell's 1984 that a man can be divided from his family and friends is quite real too, often plays a role in MC operations, and can be accomplished in several ways.

- Repeatedly suggest to the target that a friend or loved one (beyond the target's immediate environment) hates him/her.

- Create fear that their association is mutually dangerous, perhaps reinforcing the impression with a vehicle like media 'mirroring' or entrainment (enhancing self-identification with fictional characters that are engaged in a conflict and have at least some similarities to the target and associate) or via COINTELPRO style tactics of slander and character assassination.

- By telling the friend(s) or loved one(s) that the target is sick and being 'remedied' (perhaps revolving around a clandestine effort to thrust the target into psychiatry against his/her will) or under investigation and must not be spoken to about the matter directly, perhaps suggesting to the friend or loved one that they only 'sign' the target in order to assist in the 'remedy' or investigation.  Suspicion and anger will grow, while the friend or loved one believe themselves to be doing a good deed.

- Implicitly via the misunderstandings, incredulity and frustration that inevitably crops up between targeted and non-targeted people.

In time, it can be done.  Eventually, the effort takes on a life of its own, as the trained suspicions and angers snowball back in the real world.  A suspicion that cannot be proven false is not easily put to rest.  The destruction of trust is the key.  People who cannot talk to each other are doomed to separate.

For example, people who watch the TV program 'American Chopper' are aware of the surly, argumentative father.  When I watched it, my persecutors would repeatedly mark (quite frequently) moments from his outbursts as he interracted with his son.  I found it difficult to avoid subconsciously seeing those suggestions become a part (at least on a short term basis) of my impressions of my own father, even though I understood consciously what was going on.  They can observe or engender a grain of suspicion within the mind and then enhance it to full blossom or create it from scratch. Just today, the thought drifted through my mind, "I wonder if my father would like to see me dead."  My anonymous persecutors were quick to bee-sting my right knee indicating "Yes".  I have no idea if the affirmative somehow came from him or if my persecutors simply seek to sew hatred between us and found a good opportunity.  Ignorance is strength.  One or more of my unidentifiable persecutors has done much the same in terms of one old love whom I remained fond of, taking any opportunity to convey, "Angry", "Hates you" and so forth whenever the opportunity arises, with me having no idea if those have any semblance to reality or how they possibly could.  All they ever seem to do is to add to their tangle of deadly 'what ifs' that they have already sewn.  They only bring pain, isolation and uncertainty.  Of course, I've made my own mistakes in isolating myself from those people along the way too, partly in terms of frustration and partly by making mistakes through sheer rashness and simple mindedness, but it certainly didn't happen in a vaccuum.

In fifty years or so, this little teaser from the Discovery Channel (who like so many others in the creative media, decided to hop on the MC bandwagon too - don't miss the 'train the monkey', 'let's meet bigfoot' and 'spread the word' moments in the teaser) may wind up being considered the most insidiously evil slogan of the new high-tech century.  More likely, considering the power of the technologies and creative media MC, there is little chance of that ever happening at all.  Knowing what I know about creative media MC after twelve years of experience, to me it reads roughly:  'Surrender your privacy and even your freedom of thought to your shadow government (rendered unaccountable via transparent, technological means and cultivated public misperceptions) and let it and its helpers in the media do the babbling for you (under the cover of innuendo and oblique suggestion, of course).  And you shut the hell up either from fear of reprisal or the simple uselessness of trying to convince an incredulous public of a reality beyond their ability to grasp.

Of course, most people are going to read it about as one might expect:  'Listen to what someone else beside yourself has to say for a change' or 'Stop and learn something new'.  But they don't know what I know including what the Discovery Channel is up to with this clever little teaser.  They don't know that the moment of the guy parachuting into a chasm is intended to mirror the man being tossed into a bottomless pit from the film Heavy Metal (an image of which I briefly included here at AFAFA).  That sort of pulling aside the jacket to reveal a gun hidden beneath is what MC is all about.  Sounds fantastic, but believe it or not, it's true.

While looking at media MC for a moment, the 'shining' from the Steven King novel is probably a rough metaphor for the astounding thought surveillance / thought injection technology being employed as part of MC.  The nude pictures on the wall of the black protagonist are clearly a trigger.  Another example of King's MC related work that I can identify with confidence is the short film 'The lonesome death or Jordy Verrill' from the film 'Creepshow' (based originally on his short story 'Weeds') in which the Jordy Verrill character (a farmer - hint hint) discovers a meteorite (that he thinks will pay off a loan - hint hint) and tries to cool it with water (hint hint).  It carries an alien grass (hint hint) which grows everywhere (including on him - probably symbolic of marijuana and the psychological dependency and laziness popularly and somewhat erroneously associated with it).  King, specializing in the horror genre, probably takes on (to his credit) some of the real monsters out there (for example the 'It' clown that presumably mirrors John Wayne Gacy).  Also of interest, in Kingdom Hospital, he decided to include a tantric poet.  'Young teacher... the subject...' of an MC horror writer's fantasy...

Thought surveillance (much less thought/imagery injection) is an unnatural and dangerous tool.  We were not built to have our minds read, linked or manipulated directly, as is being included as a component part of MC tactics/technology.  As an example, in having my own thoughts surveilled by hostile interrogators, I naturally find that I tend to wish to resist ugly thoughts that occasionally pass through my mind in the normal course of stream of thought (for example, the 'N' word - a word that occasionally passes through your mind too, though you may never have been forced to notice).  If there were no critical/hostile surveillance presence, the word would momentarily pass on its way within the chaos of stream of thought and remain weak as a mental entity.  But in simply knowing that the critical/hostile presence is there, the urge to suppress the word is much increased.  Interestingly, I found that in seeking to suppress it as it pops up in the course of conscious (but involuntary) thought, the very act of suppressing it tends to fuel and grow it until it occurrs more frequently, tormenting and embarassing me in the process.  In other words, what you might think would be a negative reinforcement can represent a kind of positive reinforcement, since the workings of the brain are not under the complete control of the conscious will and are to some degree a collection of little semi-independent units.  Fortunately, I eventually found that by simply focusing on the word 'Man' when the word would pop up turned out to be sufficient to drown it out and block it until it faded and occurred less frequently.  In any case, having one's thoughts surveilled continuously (much less mocked, ridiculed and prattled at) is dangerous, quite painful and the harm it can do should never be underestimated.  Ironically, being more or less forced internally to fight ugly thoughts, appears to be one of the essential premises of MC, much as I hate to admit it (i.e. 'the purity' from X-Files).  And no, I have never called black people that word and no one can come forward with evidence that I have.

Don't mistake sincerity for racism.  And don't allow the network to lead you into thinking me a racist.  I'm not.  I've had black friends in junior high and high school (which is saying a lot in Upper East Tennessee), college (joined the only 'white' fraternity in the forever backward fraternity system that even had a black brother at all, who was the coolest of the whole bunch) and in the workplace.  And my father helped make it possible for Derrick Hord to go to UT on a scholarship.  And for the anti-semite theorists, I dated a Jewish woman and I think Selma Blair is the cat's meow.

But not just ugly, vain, stupid, silly, dishonest, small, ambitious, sexual or selfish thoughts are a source of pain while so exposed (at least for a sensitive, self-conscious kind of person), but one can be tormented over creative, imaginative and hopeful thoughts too, depending very much on the arbitrary hostility of one's persecutors.  You have to have the freedom to fail before you can hope to succeed without a critical eye observing every step towards a greater confidence in some endeavor.  Through the course of over ten years, I've heard ten thousand insults and threats from persons unknown (or well covered) and virtually every personal interest and endeavor mocked at some point or other, been reminded of the same ancient, inconsequential mistakes ten thousand times.  I have also heard and seen a few compliments and commendations along the way.  Unfortunately, the same vehicles that provide such good cover for my persecutors and ridiculers also tend to remove trust and confidence in anything they attempt to convey and add a frustrating layer of vagueness and confusion.  Insults can be taken at face value.  Compliments cannot.  In other words, achieving peace is a far more challenging endeavor than achieving war.  Having noone's eyes to look into to pin to an actual identity, one tends to suspect tricks, traps, set-ups and cynicism everywhere (for good reason).  My experience hasn't made me a better person.  Quite the contrary, it has made me a more isolated, suspicious, less stable, depressed, potentially violent sort of person.  MC is, after all, a kind of killing fields, a paranoia game, usually intended to quickly thrust people into prison or psychiatry.  MC tends to remove the 'human' aspect entirely and was designed to disintegrate, destroy and capture trophies, not integrate.  Their attempts to modify it into any kind of 'hospital' (assuming that's not just a media facade) are probably doomed to failure for most.  Healing, rehabilitation and beneficial change require more than just pressure and require a human aspect that MC does not and probably will never have, at least until it leaves its veil of secrecy and admits its own existence within the larger and older American experiment.  I've seen it divide me from my own family and from the rest of the world.  And there's so much hate and intolerance within the network, many of its devotees are quite happy with that outcome.

Can you build a huge, self-perpetuating culture of implication about both extreme human behaviors (and include mention of far less extreme human behaviors along the way) and imply their association with the leave-no-trace surveillance and the social and technological harassments/tortures of the game?  Yes.

Can you do so without ever really offering to the public any concrete facts all the while?  Yes.

If you have the mainstream media involved in the 'righteous enterprise' (in terms of mockingbird and otherwise), can you prevent any mainstream news media disclosure perpetually, regardless of the little difficult to manage and inconsequential byways of the media and internet, the more so in an age of media consolidation?  Yes.

Does most of the signing culture even know about the reality of the central nervous system surveillance and manipulation technology or do they get their information without knowing exactly how it was produced?  Who knows.

In being forever unprovable, can any number of unprovable reports of attacks/persecutions using such means solidify into permanent, erroneous public presumptions about delusion and schizophrenia?  Yes.

Do people, having solved a modestly difficult puzzle, tend to think that what they have uncovered is the whole truth behind the puzzle?  Yes.

Would that represent an ideal environment within which a far right 'oligarchical collective' could operate on a more general basis and convince via osmosis even more liberal types of the necessity of the game and ?  Yes.

If you possessed the extraordinary technological means and wanted to exploit them with maximum effectiveness perpetually, would you design their use in such a way?  Probably.

Would any dare stand against or criticise it once it grows beyond a certain social size?  I wouldn't recommend doing so.

Would you be limited as to the number of people that some of the methods could be applied to without the system flopping over into the public domain and accountability?  Yes.

Would you be practically unlimited in terms of the number of people upon whom thought surveillance, induced headache/pain, programmed dreaming and even thought steering that an uninformed person cannot be certain were induced at all could be applied?  Theoretically, yes, although some modes of application (like bee stings) would have practical limits in terms of too many people complaining in unison such that beyond a certain number could stop the fact of it all from flopping over from below the surface of public discourse to above it.  And the media signing suggesting the existence of those technologies might need to be reduced or eliminated.

Could they be expected to pull back from the future use of the media in terms of alluding to the technologies and focus more on mockingbird instead, if they thought that those insinuations could endanger the perpetual deniability of the game?  Yes.

Could you ultimately take over the nation in some sense with such means with the common denominator being leave-no-trace/deniability?  Astonishingly, the answer would appear to be a qualified yes.  Some bound and/or destroyed by the means themselves.  Many others bound by fear after coming to believe the hints in the media that they might be next, if they should stray from the dictates of the far right.

Is now the time to press for public accountability about the game before they learn from their mistakes and modify the game and use of the media and the technologies to make the chance of proving its existence only less likely in the future?  I would say yes.

"In a thousand years, Winston..." could refraining from the use of any means to check non-conservative and lawless behaviors lead to a society that devolves back to the stone age as "O'Brien" implies?  Plausibly.  In a thousand years, could the social and technological aspects, forever held beyond accountability, ultimately lead to a society thoroughly controlled by an 'oligarchical collective' and by fear that pays no attention to accountability at all or those laws that are supposed to limit the 'oligarchical collective', authority and the majority?  Apparently.  In fact, that appears to be what is in the works.

Is there anything fantastical about anything said herein?  Only the technology of remote thought surveillance and central nervous system manipulation and their sophistication, which, believe it or not, are a stark reality, guarded just as jealously as you would expect them to be.

Can and does the CIA foment societal upheavals in foreign nations?  Of course.  Are all of its foreign political targets corrupt bastards?  Not necessarily.  Can the intelligence/investigative community foment domestic societal upheavals and movements too?  Of course.

Do I have some sin in my past (and present)?  Yes.  Thus, I'm not surprised to have long been a major focus OF the signing culture / fox hunt in the first place.

Considering the invisibility/unprovability of the means of remote nervous system surveillance and manipulation, could those means also be applied against innocents and/or generally politically problematic, liberal leaning individuals and/or dissenting individuals without proper legal justification as well?  Yes.

Would those persons, confronted with an ultra-primed public that could be expected to join the signing culture and continuously add to its size spontaneously, ALSO find a brick wall to finding any help against an attack (in addition to the burden of proof)?  Yes.

Consider Dr. Alfred Webre who helped develop some of the technological means for the government and was then attacked and thrust aside using those very means (he's dead now).  See the home page for more info on him.  Would the government hire a corrupt bastard in the first place to help develop such technologies?  Probably not.  Think about Dr. David Allen (the guy who challenged the Bush admin on the Iraq nuclear issue) who scribbled a note about 'numerous dark actors' before his mysterious suicide.  Was he a corrupt bastard?  Probably not.